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Karlos Elizondo (Mexico City) Karlos Elizondo is one of the most influential people in Mexican dance music. He is certainly one of the most accomplished and now one of the most recognized on the Mexican scene. Indeed , you might expect a few results if you´ve been Djíng for 13 years, but the truth is that experience and practice will only get you so far and that at some stage it takes raw talent to turn the heads of the dance world.

For the past ten years he has playes almost every big gig in Mexico around all the country and held residencies at every club of note. In particular Karlos played with all the international dj´s you could name at the time that have come to Mexico,Nowadays, Karlos can be found devastating dance floors all over the globe, from Mexico to Portugal, Costa Rica, Argentina . In fact, Karlos Elizondo can be said to be one of Mexico´s best dance exports right now.

This days, Karlos has the luxury of releasing a new track on one of the most respected labels Vapour Recordings for 2005 working together with Kasey Taylor and Luis E. Guzman, Karlos started working with Bill Hamel in Florida in the Sunkissed records studios and did two releases for Fluid Recordings UK the first was signed by Dave Seaman in his Awakening on Renaissance ,then Karlos started working with Luis E. Guzman and did another release for Fluid Recordings UK with a remix of Evolution guys Barry Jamison and John Sutton.

John Digweed give a chance to Karlos to show up in his radio show Kiss 100. You can talk about programming as Karlos effortlessly and subtlely changes gears from sexy house sounds to driving house with a dash of progressive. Sucking you into his sound scape to a point where you look up all of a sudden and release you´ve been lost in music for hours. You can talk about his outstanding mixing which is so precise that you probably won´t even know whether a track is coming or going. You can talk about the fact that Karlos will be playing records weeks before anyone. You can talk about the fact Karlos doesn´t compromise his sound and still remains accessible.

Karlos Elizondo has a huge understanding of house music he writes it , studies it, plays it and lives it.